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The Other Side - Heavenly Bodies

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June 25th, 2009

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06:05 pm - The Other Side

Title: The Other Side

by Christina A.

Timeline: Changeling AU
Disclaimer: I only own Grace and Suzanna.
Archive: At my website and on medie’s Changeling AU page if she wants it.
Author’s Note: The topic came up on LJ recently about writing what you know about. Someone commented that if we did that, there wouldn’t be much fanfiction that anyone could really write. So I got to thinking… being the family member of a firefighter is something I know about. I know how it feels to know that someone you love is putting his/her life on the line to save someone’s home or property. The group that Grace started in this fic is based on a group that actually does exist here in my city… only difference is that the group assists a volunteer fire department. It’s to these people, family members and loved ones, that I dedicate this tidbit of a story because this IS what I know.

Summary: Someone fairly important once said “Write what you know.” In this fic, I did. I am the family member of a firefighter, and I have been there while my father fought fires. The ’support’ group illustrated in this fic is based on the one that was created by my ’second’ mother.

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